2013 Legislation

AB 283- Automatic Property Tax Backfill for California Community Colleges
This bill intends, as is currently provided for K-12 schools, that automatic adjustments in General Fund apportionments be provided to the California Community Colleges when actual property tax returns are lower than earlier projected property tax returns. Status: Died.

AB 324- Hazardous Glass Beads Prohibition: Sunset Extension
This bill extends the sunset date from January 1, 2015 to January 1, 2020 on the prohibition on the manufacture or sale of glass beads containing hazardous heavy metals if the beads will be used with blasting equipment.  Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 230, Statutes of 2013.

AB 522- Family Courts Exemption from 5-year Mandatory Case Dismissal
This bill seeks to ensure that family law litigants will not lose the protections and relief afforded by interim orders due to the automatic dismissal of a case for delay in prosecution.  To ensure the timely adjudication of cases, existing law allows a court to dismiss an action that is not brought to trial within a specified period of time.  However, in the area of family law, where often the issues are complex, the litigants are self-represented, and the stakes are particularly weighty, the Legislature has already determined that certain family law cases should not be subject to mandatory dismissal for delay.  Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 40, Statutes of 2013.

AB 694- Prop 35 (Human Trafficking) Clean-Up
This bill makes technical changes to last year’s proposition on Human Trafficking, Prop. 35.  This bill would instead prohibit the admissibility of evidence that a victim has engaged in any commercial sexual act as a result of being a victim of human trafficking in order to prove the victim’s criminal liability for the commercial sexual act.  Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 126, Statutes of 2013.

AB 831- Overdose Prevention
This bill directs the California Health & Human Services Agency to convene a temporary working group to develop a state plan to reduce the rate of fatal drug overdose, and appropriates $500,000 in the 2014-2015 budget to fund a grants program to local governments and community based organizations to implement cost-effective programs to prevent drug overdose, and improve response by witnesses and first responders.  Status: Died.

AB 911- Telephone Systems: 911
This bill will help first responders save lives by helping them to locate callers in need faster.  AB 911 requires multi-line telephone services (MLTS) to transmit information about the location (ex: building and floor) of the call on 911 calls.  Note: this will only apply to areas where enhanced 911 is available and won’t go into effect until 2017. Status: Died.

AB 981- Redevelopment Bond Reauthorization
This bill extends, from January 1, 2011 to June 28, 2011, the date by which an entity that has assumed the housing functions in the winding down of redevelopment can designate the use of, and commit, indebtedness obligation proceeds that were issued for affordable housing purposes. This bill also allows, upon the issuance of a finding of completion by the Department of Finance (DOF), a successor agency to use redevelopment bond proceeds issued between January 1, 2011 and June 28, 2011. Status: Died.

AB 1002- Sustainable Communities Funding
This bill would raise the existing vehicle surcharge (created by AB 2766 Sher, 1990) from its current $4 to $10 ($6 increase) in participating areas. The funds would be distributed to cities, counties, transportation agencies and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) to enable them to better achieve their SB 375 goals, including providing first-mile/last-mile bicycle and pedestrian connections to transit, and funding for transit operations and discounted transit passes for the elderly, at-risk-youth, college students and the disabled; and it will help make sure our children stay safe on their way to and from school.  Status: Died.

AB 1068- Homeless Youth Access to Student Records
Restricts the release of directory information for pupils who are identified as a homeless child or youth and allows access of pupil records to Students over the age of 14 if they are homeless and or an individual who completes a Caregiver’s Authorization Affidavit.  Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 713, Statutes of 2013.

AB 1142- Smoking Ban on State Beaches
This bill would ban smoking on state beaches. Status: Died.

AB 1190- Hazardous Waste: Transportation
This bill would make transporting of hazardous waste water faster and more efficient by allowing utility tankers to transport up to 5,000 gallons.  Currently, tankers are only allowed to transport 1,600 gallons of hazardous waste water, even though they are capable of hauling bigger loads safely.  Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 793, Statutes of 2014.

AB 1213- Bobcat Protection Act
This bill directs the Commission on fish and wildlife to develop no trapping zones outside national and state parks, conservancies and other areas where trapping is not allowed currently. 
AB 1213 as amended establishes an easily defined and enforceable buffer around Joshua Tree National Park that ranges from zero to a dozen miles based on major roads, to protect their eco-tourism based economy.   Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 748, Statutes of 2013.

AB 1222- Board of Equalization: Levy Returns
To help solve this problem, AB 1222 will create a one year exemption from PEPRA, for Transit employees covered under the federal law.  This will allow the agencies whose grants are decertified an opportunity to maintain PEPRA through the court.  If the court determines PEPRA is in compliance with the Section 13(c) of the Federal Transit Act then the 1 year exemption will sunset on January 1, 2015 or sooner if a decision is reached prior to that date. If the court says PEPRA is not in compliance then the exemption will be permanent.  The one year exemption will allow other transit districts to receive federal funds while the litigation is proceeding. Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 527, Statutes of 2013.

AB 1256- Civil Law: Privacy- Entry and Exit of Facilities
This bill addresses predatory paparazzi behavior by making it illegal to block or intimidate anyone trying to enter or exit a school, health facility or lodging.  The bill targets individuals who seek to invade the privacy of adults and children.  Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 852, Statutes of 2014.

AB 1276- Parole: Juvenile Offenders
This bill seeks to reintegrate offenders who have spent a substantial portion of their lives in prison by allowing individuals convicted of non-homicidal crimes  while a minor to be eligible for parole after serving 25 years in prison. Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 590, Statutes of 2014.

AB 1293- Court Efficiencies
This bill adds, until January 1, 2019, a new $40 fee for filing a request for special notice in a decedent’s estate, guardianship, conservatorship or trust proceeding. Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 382, Statutes of 2013.

AB 1301- Moratorium on Hydraulic Fracturing
Like all oil and gas extraction activities, hydraulic fracturing poses significant public health and safety and environmental risks.  However, unlike all other oil and gas extraction activities, hydraulic fracturing activities are completely unregulated by the Department of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR). Status: Died.

To address this inadequacy, AB 1301 imposes a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing operations until appropriate laws and regulations are developed that protect the public and California’s resources from the known inherent risks associated with hydraulic fracturing operations. Status: Died.

AB 1320- K-12 RDA Pass-Through Alternative
Allows schools to continue to receive property taxes, equal to the amount they would have received in pass through payments if redevelopment agencies still existed, and does not count those property taxes toward the Proposition 98 funding formula. Status: Died.

AB 1356- Stalking: Remedies
This bill broadens the legal definition of stalking to include individuals who go to the school, home, property etc., of another person specifically to monitor them.  For example, this bill would define paparazzi that wait outside homes of celebrities in order to record their activities as stalkers.  Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 853, Statutes of 2014.