2015 Legislation

AB 189- California Cultural Districts Act
This bill creates the official California Cultural Districts program which will allow the CA Arts Council to designate certain areas as official cultural districts.  The Districts will be selected through a competitive process in which local governments can apply to get particular areas designated.  Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 396, Statutes of 2015.

AB 439- Protective Orders: Batterer’s Programs
This bill will require that attendance records from court-ordered batterer’s intervention programs be made available to the court and the protected party. This will allow the court to make a more informed decision when it comes child custody and other family court matters. Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 72, Statutes of 2015.

AB 536- Domestic Violence: Protective Orders
This bill strengthens public safety by requiring that both parties have submitted their request for domestic violence restraining orders and supporting written evidence on application forms, when the court is determining whether to issue mutual restraining orders. Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 73, Statutes of 2015.

AB 628-Used Oils
This bill seeks to update and clarify existing law surrounding the regulation of bio-based oils and the mixing of them with existing used oils.   AB 628 will ensure that bio-based oils, or oils mixed with bio-based constituents, are treated the same as conventional oils under state and federal law to encourage the use of these greener oils. Status: Senate, Inactive.

AB 703- Juveniles: Attorney Qualifications
This bill sets forth the basic duties of juvenile delinquency defense counsel with respect to representing the expressed interests of the client, confidentiality, investigation of the case, use of experts, and maintenance of an ongoing relationship with the client. The bill also requires the Judicial Council, by July 1, 2016, to establish minimum hours of training and education necessary to be appointed as counsel in delinquency proceedings, required training areas, with provisions for exemption of experienced attorneys. Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 369, Statutes of 2015.

AB 749- Court Reporters  
This bill would require that all domestic violence and child custody proceedings receive the services of a certified shorthand court reporter. Status: Died.

AB 801- Homeless Youth Success in Higher Education Act
This bill will help homeless youth attempting to navigate the college admissions and matriculation process. This bill will allow homeless youth to receive some of the same services and exemptions that are available to foster youth. Status: Two-Year Bill.

AB 844- Search Warrants: Foreign Corporations and Foreign Limited Liability Companies
This bill would update the definition of “properly served” in the Penal Code 1524.2(a)(6) to reflect the common and increasingly prevalent practice of communications and computing service companies to insist on electronic service of process. Such policies may request that service be by email or via a web portal provided by the company. Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 57, Statutes of 2015.

AB 888- Plastic Microbeads Ban in Personal Care Products
This bill defines microplastic as any plastic size 5 millimeters or less and will prohibit a person in the course of doing business from selling personal care products containing plastic microbeads after January 2020. Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 594, Statutes of 2015.

AB 902- Bicycle Diversion Programs
This bill would allow cities to create bicycle diversion programs for those who commit bicycle traffic infractions. Diversion programs would include bicycle safety class and or reduced fines. Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 306, Statutes of 2015.

AB 974- Redevelopment Agencies
This bill extends, from January 1, 2011 to June 28, 2011, the date by which an entity that has assumed the housing functions in the winding down of redevelopment can designate the use of, and commit, indebtedness obligation proceeds that were issued for affordable housing purposes. Status: Amended into SB 107 and Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 325, Statutes of 2015.

AB 1015- Car Share Parking Authorization
This bill would authorize a city or county, by ordinance or resolution, to designate certain streets or portions of streets for the non-exclusive parking privilege of cars participating in a car share vehicle program or ridesharing program. Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 41, Statutes of 2015.

AB 1098- Congestion Management Metric
This bill would replace the current Level of Service Metric or LOS with a metric that promotes multi-modal levels of transportation over the current car-centric metric. Status: Died.

AB 1166- Homeless Youth: High School Graduation Requirements
This bill makes sure that homeless youth receive the proper accommodations from their school districts to help them graduate from high school. Under current law, homeless youth are exempt from certain school district requirements in order to ensure that this transitory population can graduate. AB 1166 ensures that these youth receive those exemptions even if they aren’t provided in a timely manner or their homeless status changes.  Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 171, Statutes of 2015.

AB 1222- Unsolicited Tow Trucks
This bill will stop unsolicited tow truck drivers from preying on accidents/collisions that they were not called to. Tow truck drivers will be held accountable to provide the individual(s) involved in the accident, law enforcement, and thirds parties with specific information as to when they were summoned to the accident, documentation of their company, written records of who was involved in the accident/collision, the identity of the third party business that the car will be towed to, and to hold these records to up to three years.  Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 309, Statutes of 2015.

AB 1250- Bus Gross Weight Increase
This bill exempts transit busses that were purchased under the terms of the temporary procurement provisions from the 20,500-pound per axle weight limit. This ensures that busses that were purchased legally under the terms of AB 1706 can continue to operate legally should the old weight limits snap back into place in 2016 as scheduled under current law. Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 484, Statutes of 2015.

AB 1267- Lawsuits, Liens and Other Encumbrances
This bill prohibits a person from filing or recording, or directing another to file or record, a lawsuit, lien, or other encumbrance against any person or entity, knowing that it is false, with the intent to harass the person or entity or to influence or hinder the person in discharging his or her official duties if the person is a public officer or employee. This bill would also provide that a person who files a lawsuit, lien, or other encumbrance against any person or entity in violation of this prohibition is liable for a civil penalty not to exceed $5000.  Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Chapter 208, Statutes of 2015.

AB 1330- Demand Response
This bill will reduce both the amount of electricity generated and the number of power plants required to meet Californian’s energy needs through the efficient use of energy that is consumed, while supporting energy reliability, economic growth, 50% increase in building efficiency, jobs and disadvantaged communities.  Status: Two-Year Bill.

AB 1357- Childhood Obesity
This bill will attempt to tackle the growing epidemic of childhood obesity in our state. By implementing nutrition and healthy habit programs for youth, the bill aims to curb this   problem and the closely related issue of diabetes in children. Status: Died.

AB 1464- Tanning Salon Regulation Reform
This bill will ensure that tanning equipment is properly calibrated and maintained and that operators are sufficiently trained, consistent with the Filante Tanning Facility Act of 1988, to meet the standards merited by the FDA’s reclassification. Status: Died.

AB 1467- Care Facilities: Civil Penalties
This bill, working with the Department of Social Services, would  increase civil penalties, including immediate civil penalties, civil penalties for serious violations, and civil penalties for repeat violations, which will all be tiered according to facility type and capacity. This new civil penalty structure would impact all CDSS licensed facilities including community care facilities, residential care facilities for the elderly, residential care facilities for persons with chronic, life-threatening illnesses, day care centers, and family day care homes.  Status: Died.

ACR 32- California Craft Beverage Month
This measure would proclaim the month of April 2015 as California Craft Beverage Month.  Status: Chaptered by the Secretary of State- Res. Chapter 35, Statutes of 2015.