2016 Legislation

AB 628 - Used Oils  
This bill seeks to update and clarify existing law surrounding the regulation of bio-based oils.  AB 628 will ensure that bio-based oils, or oils mixed with bio-based constituents, are treated the same as conventional oils under state and federal law to encourage the use of these greener oils. Status: Died. 

AB 801 - Homeless Youth Success in Higher Education Act 
This bill will help homeless youth attempting to navigate the college admissions and matriculation process. AB 801 will allow homeless youth to receive some of the same services and exemptions that are available to foster youth. Status: Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 432, Statutes of 2016

AB 1330 - Demand Response 
This bill will reduce both the amount of electricity generated and the number of power plants required to meet Californian’s energy needs through the efficient use of energy that is consumed, while supporting energy reliability, economic growth, 50% increase in building efficiency, jobs and disadvantaged communities.  Status: Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 812, Statutes of 2016. 

AB 1854 - Bail Forfeiture Fees
This bill will allow financially-strapped local prosecutors, district attorneys, and county counsels to recover attorney costs incurred in litigating bail forfeiture motions. Forfeiture of bail due to failure of a defendant to appear in court is often followed by a counter-motion to challenge the forfeiture, and a significant amount of time and attorney’s fees are involved in opposing these motions. StatusChaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 378, Statutes of 2016. 

AB 1964 - Clean Air Vehicle Decal Program Extension
This bill will create a Clean Air Vehicle Decal program for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles after the existing Green Sticker program expires. The new program will have neither a cap on the number of decals that can be used nor a sunset on the program, but will permit stickers to be used for only 3-4 years. The decals will stop being issued once the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle market-share reaches 9.2%, a metric based on CARB’s ZEV mandate. Status: Died.  

AB 1982 – CA Transportation Commission Membership  
This bill would add two members to the Transportation Commission with expertise in environmental justice and public  health, to ensure that transportation investment decisions reflect the needs of disadvantaged communities and are made with more informed, balanced input that is representative of the state. Status: Died. 

AB 2004 - Hearing Aids
This bill will require health care service plan contracts and health insurance policies to include coverage for hearing aids for children. Specifically, the coverage for hearing aids will include an initial assessment, new hearing aids at least every five years, new ear molds, new hearing aids if alterations to the existing hearing aids cannot meet the needs of the child, a new hearing aid if the existing one is no longer working, fittings, adjustments, auditory training, and maintenance of the hearing aids. Status: Died. 

AB 2299 - Secondary Units (“Granny Flats”)
This bill will require, rather than allow, a local government to adopt a secondary unit ordinance and to limit the local government’s ability to apply certain standards, including where parking requirements could be imposed. This bill will allow the development of second units as a way to increase the housing supply while ensuring that they are properly approved. StatusChaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 735, Statutes of 2016. 

AB 2305 – California Orca Protection Act
This bill will codify the end of captive breeding programs for orcas in California and prohibit the export and import of new orcas, as well as genetic material for orcas, into or out of the state. Status: Died. 

AB 2403 - Sober Living Facilities
This bill will require the Department of Health Care Services to give notice to cities and counties within their jurisdiction regarding the application process for acquiring licenses for adult alcoholism and drug abuse recovery or treatment programs. It also allows cities or counties to request denial of licenses based upon distancing requirements in order to prevent overconcentration of multi-structure facilities in residential neighborhoods. Status: Died. 

AB 2457 - Autopsy: Use of Electronic Image Systems
This bill will authorize county coroners or county medical examiners to utilize digital imaging technology when performing an autopsy in cases where an autopsy is needed or mandated by law. Status: Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 136, Statutes of 2016. 

AB 2480 - Watersheds: Maintenance & Repair
This bill will require state policy to recognize source watersheds and define them as integral components of California’s water infrastructure. The bill would also make the repair and maintenance of these watersheds eligible for state financing on the same basis as other water collection and treatment infrastructure. Status: Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 695, Statutes of 2016. 

AB 2501 - Density Bonus Reform
This bill will clarify state Density Bonus law to help encourage market-rate housing developers to include affordable units in their projects and reduce costs for affordable housing developers. StatusChaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 758, Statutes of 2016. 

AB 2522 – Ministerial Acts (By Right Zoning)
This bill will require by right approval by cities and counties of any market rate multi-family rental housing project that includes at least 20% low income housing or 100% moderate income housing. Substantial public review, comment, and CEQA would continue to be required during the housing element review and adoption process. Status: Died.  

AB2596 - Rodenticide Ban
This bill will ban first and second generation anti-coagulant rodenticides (FGAR and SGAR) in order to prevent the unintentional poisoning of wildlife and pets. The bill exempts the agricultural industry. Status: Died. 

AB 2782 - Healthy Food
AB 2782 would establish a $0.02 per fluid ounce health impact fee on sugar sweetened beverages at the distributor level. The revenues from this fee would be collected in the Healthy California Fund, which would distribute the funding to cities, nonprofit organizations, community-based organizations, and licensed clinics to invest in childhood obesity and diabetes prevention activities, safe drinking water and oral health programs. Status: Died. 

AB 2796 - Active Transportation Program: Funding for Planning & Non-infrastructure
This bill would amend the statute that established the Active Transportation Program to specify that the Active Transportation Program shall award aminimum of 10 percent for planning and community engagement for active transportation in disadvantaged communities and a minimum of 50 percent of that allocation be used for planning purposes. Status: Died. 

AB 2813 - Juvenile Arrest Notification
This bill would provide equitable detention standards for foster youth when probation is making the decision to detain a minor. Specifically, this bill would prohibit probation officers from considering a minor’s status as a foster youth or current availability when making the decision whether or not to detain and would also require probation officers to immediately release a minor to the custody of the child welfare services department, caregiver or foster parent unless it can be demonstrated that the minor’s detention is necessary. Status: Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 646, Statutes of 2016. 

AB 2844 - California Combating the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions of Israel Act of 2016
This bill would require a company or person entering into a contract (of $100,000 or more) with a state agency to certify that they have complied with the Unruh Civil Rights Act and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, and that any policy they have adopted against a sovereign nation or people recognized by the U.S. is not used as a pretext for discrimination in the violation of those two acts. The process for identifying a violation of these provisions would be complaint-driven and this bill would authorize the Attorney General to receive and investigate complaints of discrimination. Status: Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 581, Statutes of 2016. 

ACA 8 - Local Government Financing: Water Facilities and Infrastructure: Voter Approval
This bill would create an exception under Article XIII of the California Constitution, enabling a special district, municipality, or county to levy an ad valorem tax in an amount greater than 1% of the assessed property value, impose, extend or increase a special tax, and/or incur bonded indebtedness for the sole purpose of constructing water, stormwater or wastewater-related infrastructure. Such a tax would have to be approved by a 55% supermajority public vote and meet specified accountability requirements. Status: Died.