2017 Legislation

AB 8 – Mountain Lion Depredation Flexibility
This bill gives the Department of Fish and Wildlife more flexibility when evaluating the impact of a depredation permit. This will allow DFW to determine which tools will be most effective in protecting domestic animals, keeping people safe, and allowing mountain lions to contribute to the vitality of California ecosystems. Status: Died

AB 411 – Therapy and Facility Dogs
This bill would authorize, in certain cases, prosecuting victims, witnesses, and child witnesses to be accompanied by a dog ,trained in providing emotional support, while testifying at a preliminary hearing, trial, or a juvenile court proceeding. Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 290, Statutes of 2017

AB 452 – Court Administrative Offices
This bill changes the reference of Clerk of the Supreme Court to the Clerk/Executive Officer of the Supreme Court, and changes the reference of Clerk/Administrator of the Court of Appeal to the Clerk/Executive Officer of the Court of Appeal. Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 36, Statutes of 2017

AB 494 – Accessory Dwelling Unit (Cleanup)
This bill makes clarifying language changes to last year’s AB 2299 including clarifying owner occupancy, parking, and set back requirements, to better reflect the intent of AB 2299 and make implementation easier for cities and homeowners. Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 602, Statutes of 2017

AB 544 – Clean Air Vehicle Decals
This bill creates a new clean air vehicle decal program for zero emission vehicles and partial zero-emission vehicles after the existing program ends, allowing these vehicles to continue accessing the HOV Lane in order to help CA meet its zero emission vehicles sales goals as well as greenhouse gas reductions goals. Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 630, Statutes of 2017

AB 565 – Live/Work Space Definition
This bill requires cities and counties to adopt alternative building regulations for commercial or industrial buildings to be converted to live/work spaces, and requires the inclusion of provisions for artist/artisan housing. Active Bill - In Committee Process

AB 663 – Affordable Housing in the Coastal Zone
This bill restores the Coastal Act’s authority to require affordable housing in the coastal zone. Status: Died

AB 712 – Emergency Jurisdiction for Change of Venue
This bill creates emergency jurisdiction for child custody and visitation issues when a case has been approved for a change of venue but jurisdiction has not been authorized for the new venue. Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 316, Statutes of 2017

AB 814 – Pre-litigation Subpoena Power for City Attorneys
This bill amends the Business and Professions Code to allow city attorneys in cities with a population in excess of 750,000 and cities and counties, to have pre-litigation subpoena power if the city attorney reasonably believes that there is a violation of the Unfair Competition Law. Active Bill - In Committee Process

AB 886 – Safe Creative Work and Live Act 
This bill requires cities to establish a program to identify non-compliant live/work spaces and to create a pathway to allow the space to be brought up to code in their alternative building regulations. Additionally, AB 886 further requires that the tenant is protected from eviction while the building is being brought up to code. Status: Died

AB 906 – PET Definition
This bill defines polyethylene terephthalate plastic by its chemical composition and its melting point in order to ensure that PET and PETG, which have incompatible processing conditions, are separated in the recycling process. Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 823, Statutes of 2017

AB 982 – Ellis Act Reform
This bill gives senior tenants and disabled tenants more time to prepare in the unfortunate event that they are evicted under the Ellis Act and provides, for safety reasons, fellow tenants the same 1-year extension Status: Died

AB 1003 – California Community Health Fund
This bill creates the California Community Health Fund, which would provide funding to diminish the human and economic costs of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and dental disease in California. The funds would be spent on activities including, but not limited to, childhood obesity and diabetes prevention, oral health programs, physical education programs, and improving access to clean drinking water in schools. Status: Died

AB 1113- State Transit Assistance Program
This bill amends the statutes governing the State Transit Assistance program to clarify several ambiguities and restore operation of the program to how it was intended to operate. Specifically, the bill clarifies to which local entities transportation planning agencies may directly allocate STA program funds and what revenue may be used to calculate revenue shares. Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 86, Statutes of 2017

AB 1228 – California Fisheries Innovation Act of 2017
This bill provides clear direction and authority to the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife to establish a state Exempted Fishing Permit Program that will spur cost effective improvements in state fishery management. Status: Vetoed

AB 1332 –Juveniles- Non-custodial Parent Orders
The bill would provide statutory guidance to remove physical custodial rights from an offending parent who is not a primary custodial caregiver of a child at the time a dependency petition is initiated. The bill would also make a finding of detriment against a non-custodial parent who does not request custody, after being informed by the court, of a child who has been removed from their custodial parent, resulting in the child necessitating out of home placement. Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 665, Statutes of 2017.

AB 1454 – Public-Private Partnerships
This bill reauthorizes and makes permanent provisions for public-private partnerships that were first authorized in 2006. Status: Died

AB 1505 – Local Discretion for Inclusionary Housing Programs
This bill restores the long-standing authority of local governments to require the inclusion of affordable rental units as one component of their local inclusionary housing policies, if they choose to adopt such policies. Local governments can already apply inclusionary policies to for-sale housing. This bill ensures that rental housing is not treated differently. Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 376, Statutes of 2017

AB 1506 – Costa Hawkins Repeal
This bill removes the state restrictions on local rent control ordinances and will ensure local governments have the ability to enact local rent control policies that suit local conditions. Status: Died

AB 1521 – Affordable Rental Housing Preservation Act
This bill will strengthen the state’s existing Affordable Housing Preservation Law by requiring that rental housing with affordability restrictions be offered for sale first, at market-rate, to qualified preservation purchasers who intend to maintain the property’s affordability restrictions. Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 377, Statutes of 2017

AB 1532 – Diabetes Grant Specialist
This bill requires the State Department of Public Health to establish a grant specialist who shall identify and apply for grants related to the prevention and management of diabetes. Active Bill - In Committee Process

AB 1540 – State Dinosaur: Augustynolophus morissi
This bill establishes the Augustynolophus morissi as the official state dinosaur of California. Augustynolophus morissi has only been found in California and is the most complete dinosaur ever found in California. Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 264, Statutes of 2017

AB 1568 – Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts
This bill provides local jurisdictions with the authority to finance infrastructure and affordable housing using new sales and use taxes in addition to property tax increment within qualifying enhanced infrastructure improvement districts. Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 562, Statutes of 2017

AB 1573 – Green Tariff Shared Renewables Program
This bill amends the Green Tariff Shared Renewables Program by increasing the cap on project size from 20 MW to 30 MW, which will allow developers to build larger projects and make the program more cost-effective for both developers and customers to participate. Active Bill - In Committee Process

AB 1585 – Permit Streamlining
This bill reduces the unnecessary barriers created by cumbersome local approval processes and other restrictions by enabling local governments to approve housing developments under a streamlined process if a portion of the units have long-term affordability restrictions. Status: Died

AB 1594 – Marine Debris Study
This bill requires the Ocean Protection Council to compile data identifying the primary sources and types of ocean plastic pollution and report to the Legislature on the status of a 2007 council resolution that outlined a plan of action to prevent and reduce marine debris. Active Bill - In Committee Process

AB 1601 – Pediatric Hearing Aids
This bill requires health insurance plans and policies to include coverage for hearing aids for enrollees and insured under the age of 18. Status: Died

AB 1617 – Wildlife Preservation Fund
This bill urges the Department of Fish and Wildlife to meaningfully engage with stakeholders and the Legislature by identifying and proposing new funding sources to adequately fund its activities. Active Bill - In Committee Process

AB 1630 –California Transportation Plan: Wildlife Movement
This bill adds safe wildlife movement across transportation infrastructure to the subject areas that the California Transportation Plan is required to consider for the movement of people and freight. Additionally, the bill creates requirements for the consideration of wildlife passage modelled on the existing requirements for fish passage. Status: Died

AB 1644 – Transient Occupancy Tax: Report
This bill requires a city, county or city and county that has imposed a transient occupancy tax to annually report to the State Board of Equalization the amount of those taxes collected annually. Active Bill - In Committee Process

AB 1684 – Traffic Violator Schools Study and Report
This bill requires the Department of Motor Vehicles to conduct a study on the impact of the traffic violator school program on reducing subsequent traffic offenses by a violator. The bill also requires DMV to collect data regarding enrollment, completion, and fees from traffic violator schools licensed in the state. Status: Died

AB 1687 – Pesticides: use of anticoagulants
This bill expands the state’s prohibition on the use of pesticides containing one or more anticoagulants in wildlife habit areas to include pesticides containing additional specified anticoagulants. The bill would also prohibit the use of a pesticide containing one of those anticoagulants in the entire state. Status: Died