2018 Legislation

AB 565-Updating Live/Work Standards

Amends existing law to allow cities or counties to authorize building regulations that include provisions for housing artists, artisans, or other individuals who work in units designed for both living and working.   Check the Status of this Bill.

AB 814 – Sylmar Armory Sale

Authorizes the sale of the Sylmar National Guard Armory to Los Angeles County, to repurpose as a women’s shelter. Check the Status of this Bill.

AB 1573 – Green Tariff Shared Renewables Program

Amends the Green Tariff Shared Renewables Program by increasing the cap on project size from 20 MW to 30 MW, which will allow developers to build larger projects and make the program more cost-effective for both developers and customers to participate. Check the Status of this Bill.

AB 1617 – Juvenile Appellate Court Records

Amends Section 827 to provide that persons not otherwise entitled to access the juvenile case file under 827 who file a notice of appeal or petition challenging as juvenile court order, or who are a respondent in such an appellate proceeding, may, for purposes of the appellate proceeding, and access and copy those records to which they were previously given access by the juvenile court.

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Changes the process by which a council of governments (COG) distributes the regional housing need (RHNA) to jurisdictions within a region. Current law requires localities to adequately plan to accommodate the number of housing units at each income level that the COG allocates to them. This bill would require that a COG’s RHNA allocation methodology further existing statutory goals, including, among other things, promoting socioeconomic equity and addressing jobs-housing imbalances, and would provide additional checks and balances to ensure that the RHNA allocation does not further patterns of exclusion. Check the Status of this Bill.

AB 2071- ADU Clean Up

Complements AB 2299 to help with cities and counties with their ADU ordinance rollouts. Check the Status of this Bill.

AB 2221-Occupational Therapy Practice Act

Amends the Occupational Therapy Practice Act to reflect the modern-day needs of patients and the current services offered by occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants. Check out the Status of this Bill.

AB 2364 – Ellis Reform

Closes a loophole in the state’s Ellis Act that allows landlords to evict all of their tenants while still remaining in the rental business.  The Ellis Act was written with the intention of giving landlords the ability to evict their tenants in order to withdraw from the rental market, yet around the state landlords are evicting all tenants in a property and then returning those units in a piecemeal fashion to rental market, skirting the original purpose of the law.  AB 2364 will close that loophole and also extend the time frame of an Ellis Act eviction to one year for all tenants. Check the Status of this Bill.

AB-2379 Synthetic Clothing Cleanup

Lowers microfiber pollution from shedding synthetic fibers by requiring clothing that contains more than 50% polyester to be labeled by 2020.  The label would state that the garment sheds plastic microfibers when washed and recommending hand washing.  Check out the Status of this Bill.     

AB 2422 – Anticoagulant Rodenticide Ban

Bans the use of first and second generation anticoagulant rodenticides in most uses.  Wildlife continues to be poisoned by rodenticides despite increased regulation of second generation anticoagulant rodenticides by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation and the EPA. In addition AB 2422 will create a statewide Integrated Pest Management Program to encourage alternative nontoxic rodent control. The bill provides exemptions for public health crisis and as well as use of anticoagulant rodenticides as a last resort if all other options have been exhausted. Check the Status of this Bill.

AB 2434 – Health in all policies task force

Gives the Strategic Growth Council statutory authority for the Health in All Policies (HiAP) Taskforce, which is charged with identifying “priority programs, policies, and strategies to improve the health of Californians while advancing the goals of improving air and water quality, protecting natural resources and agricultural lands, increasing the availability of affordable housing, improving infrastructure systems, promoting public health, planning sustainable communities, and meeting the climate change goals”. Check the Status of this Bill.

AB 2456 – CA Arts Council: Peer Review Panelists Honorarium

Amends existing law to include the term “peer review panelists” such to allow the California Arts Council to, at their discretion, pay peer review panelists an honorarium for their time spent reviewing and convening to discuss grant program applications. The California Arts Council does not currently have the authority to compensate grant program peer review panelists, experts in their artistic fields, with an honorarium for the time-consuming and essential work of adjudicating grant program applications for the California Arts Council. Check the Status of this Bill.

AB 2493 – Bottle Bill Reform

Modernizes and updates the California Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction act to better fit our current recycling needs and habits. Check the Status of this Bill.

AB 2528 – Climate Resiliency & Watershed Protections

Addresses climate change and protects the availability of clean water for Californians and wildlife by amending the Climate Adaptation Strategy to include four additional watershed zones: salmon/steelhead strongholds, spring-fed source water, mountain meadows, and estuaries. Check the Status of this Bill.

AB 2574 – CA Video Game Industry Preservation

Provides in-state video game companies with incentives to help alleviate upstart cost burden and keep the Video Game industry here in California. Check the Status of this Bill.

AB 2684 – Family Law Modernization

Updates the Uniform Parentage Act to ensure equal application to and closes gaps for protection of same-sex couples. Check the Status of this Bill.

AB 2780 – Family law: support orders and child custody

Expands eligible degrees that meets requirements for vocational evaluators (voc-evals), creates child support-specific statutes regarding voc-evals, and creates uniformity for application of existing law regarding voc-evals. Check the Status of this Bill.

AB 2797 – Affordable Housing in the Coastal Zone
Clarifies a provision in Density Bonus Law to ensure that a project cannot be found inconsistent with the Coastal Act merely because it receives a density increase under state law. Check the Status of this Bill.

AB 2938-City of Santa Monica bike Share Sales Tax Fix
Allows the City of Santa Monica two years to align and adjust their election of sales tax for the existing bikeshare system (Breeze Bikes). This will align Breeze Bike tax structure to neighboring bikeshare programs and allow for LA Countywide regionalization of a single bikeshare system. Check out the Status of this Bill.

AB 2998 – Removing Toxic Flame Retardants from Juvenile Products

Prohibits the sale of juvenile products, mattresses, and upholstered or reupholstered furniture in California that contain toxic flame retardant chemicals. A restriction on the sale of specific products containing chemical flame retardants puts the health of California families, children, and firefighters first and will ensure that Californians can use household goods without putting themselves at risk. Check out the Status of this Bill.

AB 3059 – Go Zone Pilot Projects

 Authorizes up to four local jurisdictions to pilot a “Go Zone” to solve traffic congestion and deliver integrated mobility options, travel demand management strategies, and variable pricing on road use. Similar programs have been implemented successfully in cities around the world and have reduced both traffic and carbon emissions. Check out the Status of this Bill.

AB 3124 – Extending Bike Racks on Articulated Buses

Authorizes the use of three position bike racks, capable of accommodating three bicycles, on 60-foot articulated transit buses. As state and local agencies move to attract more riders to transit to meet environmental and mobility goals, this measure will help accommodate riders who use various modes to get to and from transit systems. Check out the Status of this Bill.