Standing Committees

Appropriations, Member

Primary jurisdiction is fiscal bills, including bonds and alternative public financing.

Budget, Member
Primary jurisdiction is the entire budget of the State of California.

Business and Professions, Member
Primary jurisdictions are consumer protection; Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) occupational licensing (medical and non-medical), including private postsecondary and vocational education; creation and elimination of regulatory agencies, boards and commissions under DCA; Department of General Services, charitable solicitations; and product labeling (excluding agriculture and medical).

Higher Education, Member
Primary jurisdictions are university, state university, and community college systems, postsecondary education, and student financial aid.

Local Government, Member
Primary jurisdictions are General Plan, land use, housing element, local agency formation commissions, special district governance and finance, military base reuse, redevelopment, charter cities and counties, and local government finance.