Constituent Service Request - Employment Development Department

Since March of last year, my office has been flooded with calls and emails asking for help with contacting the Employment Development Department (EDD).  While we have resolved over 1,850 cases and are actively assisting over 160 of you, we are very aware that over 500 of you are currently waiting for us to open a case and begin helping you..  We hope to get to your case sooner, but you should expect to be waiting for at least three weeks from todaay.  We ask for your continued patience and that you carefully read the following.


We are committed to helping you connect with EDD to get your questions answered and your benefits paid, but a number of you are part of the “Phase 2” group of claimants that will not be able to certify for your 12/27/21 through 3/7/21 benefits until close to March 7, 2021.  While we recognize the financial strain this has on you and your family, there is nothing the Legislature can do, other than, in the meantime, refer you to additional resources for food, health coverage, and rental assistance. (see bottom of page to determine if your claim might be part of the “Phase 2”)


Many of you may be in the 1.4 million claims EDD identified as “potentially fraudulent”. You should have received instructions to validate your identity through the validation process.  Once your identity is verified through, it may take EDD 7-10 days to determine whether you meet all other eligibility requirements.  Please be sure to check your texts, e-mails, mailbox, and UI Online messages and respond immediately or risk losing your benefits.


If you are not part of “Phase 2”, confirmed your identity through more than 10 days ago or if neither of the two scenarios match your situation, then  please proceed to the form but making sure to:

  • Include a brief but clear description of the issues in one of the comment sections on the form
  • Include EITHER your EDD Customer Account Number (EDD CAN) OR Social Security Number in one of the comment sections of the form (form will NOT ask you for this number, you must remember to include iit in one of the comment sections - without it we will skip to the next request form)

Once we are able to process and send an inquiry to EDD on your behalf, you will receive a confirmation email from the staff member assigned to your case who will serve as your point of contact in our office until the matter is resolved.

IMPORTANT:  If you disagree with EDD on a decision made about your application, your eligibility, your claim start date, your benefit award, etc, you have the right to appeal the decision.  While waiting for us to process and submit your case to EDD, do not delay your decision to appeal.  You only have a short window of time to file an appeal, so it is important you submit as soon as possible.


Contact Information
EDD Information

Zip code entered is outside of the District. Please use the Find Your Rep webpage to find your District Representatives.

REMINDER:  Be sure to include either your EDD CAN or your SSN in one of the comment sections of the form.  We cannot assist you without one of those numbers.


Phase 2 of extended PUA/PEUC benefits
This group of claimants includes those who ran out of their Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) prior to the end of the CARES Act on December 26 which created a gap in benefits. EDD has been working on the programming needed to essentially establish new claims incorporating the up to 11 additional weeks of benefits payable for weeks beginning December 27.
Phase one of the roll-out has been completed. That includes those who still had a balance remaining on their PUA or PEUC claims on December 26, along with new claimants, and EDD continues to sweep our system daily for adding the up to 11 weeks for those running out of their initial PUA or PEUC claims since the end of 2020.