CA Legislature Passes Ambitious Package Of Plastic Pollution Reduction Bills

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

SACRAMENTO— The California Legislature this week doubled down on the State’s commitment to reducing plastic pollution and waste. 
As the legislature wrapped up the 2017-18 session today, it sent five bills to the Governor’s desk that, together, interrupt plastic’s toxic lifecycle at every stage.  

  • AB 1884 (Calderon, Bloom) requires restaurants to offer straws only upon request
  • SB 452 (Glazer) increases funding for recycling centers, increasing opportunities for consumers to redeem their bottles and cans
  • SB 1335 (Allen) prohibits non-recyclable and non-compostable takeout food packaging at state facilities, including parks, beaches, colleges, and fairgrounds.
  • SB 1263 (Portantino) directs the Ocean Protection Council to develop a plan for stemming the growth of microplastics
  • SB 1422 (Portantino) requires all drinking water to be tested for plastic contamination