Santa Monica, Westside Political Leaders Disagree on “Go Zone” Congestion Pricing Proposal

The big headline from this morning’s news roundup was a new study released by the Southern California Association of Governments that found a congestion pricing charge of $4 at peak hours could reduce car traffic congestion by 20 percent during rush hours. The charge would be coupled with improvements to transit serving the area. In addition to reduced car congestion, the study forecasts big benefits for walking, bicycling, transit ridership, carpooling – and therefore big improvements in air quality, public health, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The report, which has the support of transportation experts at UCLA, environmental analysts at the NRDC, and at least one Westside politician, Assemblymember Richard Bloom, analyzes the benefits of creating of “Go Zones” where congestion pricing would decrease car congestion during the busiest hours.