Smoking Cannabis in a West Hollywood Consumption Lounge Just Got Easier

As cannabis consumption lounges make their way into West Hollywood this year, a new California State Assembly Bill will ensure these businesses stay within the law. Assembly Bill 1465 will create a number of new regulations for cannabis consumption lounges that allows smoking, vaping, and eating edibles. Currently, regulations for this type of business does not exist.

Since Proposition 64 or Adult Use of Marijuana Act was passed in 2016, new regulations continued to filter from Sacramento to California cities. As local governments adapt to legal cannabis adult use, new bills are frequently introduced to address new innovations, business concerns, or issues within the cannabis industry.

Richard Bloom is the Democratic Assemblyman from Santa Monica who introduced the bill in February, in hopes of producing state regulations for cannabis consumption laws. Cities like West Hollywood have been flying blind with little or no guidance in the budding cannabis restaurant industry.