Assembly Member Bloom Comments on Governor's State of the State Address

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO – Assembly Member Richard Bloom (D-Santa Monica), Chair of the Assembly Budget Subcommittee on Natural Resources and Transportation, released the following statement today on the Governor's State of the State Address:

"The Governor has done an admirable job at triaging California through our financial emergencies over the last few years however we still have a long road of rehabilitation before we fully recover. We can't forget that the additional revenue from Prop 30 will expire in a few years but the demands and needs will not. We have to continue to push policies that help grow our economy so that the revenue is there for us to take care of our overwhelming transportation needs, reinvest in schools and higher education, re-open our local court houses, and to provide the core services for our most vulnerable population: the poor, elderly and disabled. As Chair of the Assembly Budget Committee on Resources and Transportation and a member of the budget committee, I look forward to working with the Administration over the next few months with this in mind."

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