Assembly Member Bloom Responds to Hate Group Protests

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO - In response to the hateful and discriminatory protests by the West Baptist Church over the last two days in Malibu, Hollywood, and Santa Monica, Assembly Member Richard Bloom (D-Santa Monica) issued the following statement:

"I condemn the Westboro Baptist Church's hate-filled and disgusting antics. Their unwelcome and sick behavior has no place in our community. I applaud those who are responding by either ignoring Westboro Baptist Church or engaging in a measured response that reflects civility and promotes tolerance, compassion, and inclusiveness."

The Westboro Baptist Church is a hate group that organizes protests around the country denouncing homosexuality. The group has also protested at private military funerals and engages in anti-Semitic rhetoric. On Sunday, the group staged a protest at Malibu Presbyterian Church, Our Lady of Malibu Church and School, Legacy Park in Malibu, and at the Oscars in Hollywood. They also protested at Santa Monica High School in Santa Monica on Monday morning.

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