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Majority Leader Reyes’ Bill to Establish California Commission on Human Rights Awaiting Governor’s Signature

For immediate release:

Sacramento – AB 412 introduced by Assembly Majority Leader Eloise Gómez Reyes (D -San Bernardino) passed the California Legislature and it on its way to the Governor’s desk. 

AB 412 would create the California Commission on Human Rights. Currently, at the State level, there is no entity that is tasked with overseeing the status of Human Rights violations. The Commission will review the status of human rights, create regular reports and propose policy solutions to human rights shortcoming so that the rights of all Californians are met.

“Often, we think of the protection of human rights as an issue that is linked to international conflicts and geopolitics, yet the necessity to acknowledge and protect human rights is universal and extends down to our local communities,” Majority Leader Reyes continued, “AB 412 creates a means through which we can ensure California continues to be a leader in social justice and that we will prioritize the universal ideals that guide human rights in protecting our freedoms and respecting our differences.”    

“The California Legislature’s commitment to the protection and promotion of human rights is illustrated through the recent passage of AB 412.  We are incredibly excited about the potential this commission has for the people of California and eagerly await Governor Newsom’s signature” said Hussam Ayloush, CEO of CAIR California

"With the passage of the California Commission on Human Rights in the California Legislature, we are one step closer to owning our stance as a leader in human rights policy in the U.S. All Californians deserve their rights to be protected, and AB 412 is a big step in ensuring we can do that. We look forward to sending this bill to Governor Newsom for a signature.” – CHIRLA Executive Director, Angelica Salas

“Far too often we see the dignity and humanity of Californians put by the wayside to keep the status quo alive and to uphold policies built on racism. There is no better time than now to ensure that conversations around human rights and systemic inequality are more than just talk. Creating a California Commission on Human Rights is an important first step toward implementing tangible solutions. We’re grateful for Majority Leader Reyes’s leadership in the effort to build a commission that will force hard but necessary conversations to improve the lives of all Californians.” -Christopher Sanchez, Western Center on Law & Poverty

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