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Assembly Majority Leader Reyes Statement on Governor Newsom’s California Blueprint Budget

For immediate release:

Sacramento –I am encouraged to hear Governor Newsom present a budget that supports the values and work we have been doing in the State Assembly. As we continue to battle the pandemic, we are faced with economic, social and environmental issues that need our immediate attention. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the next few months to build and enhance on this California Blueprint Budget to build a budget that meets this moment.


This budget addresses many of the needs that are important to the communities I serve. Including investments to replace heavy-duty trucks and buses with zero-emission vehicles, expansion of California’s Earthquake Early Warning System, expansion of small business start-up funding and support   as well as the continued investments in the Earned Income Tax Credit and full implementation of Universal Pre-K. This proposal also includes $2 billion over three years to further workforce development through expanding job opportunities in climate resilience, the care economy as well as continuing to support collaboration among regional workforce entities and the state’s education system.


I applaud Governor Newsom for identifying in this early budget proposal the important issues that Californians up and down the state have identified as vital for our future success.   Working together, 2022 will be a year we continue to expand environmental, social and economic protections for our most vulnerable communities in California and continue California’s robust economic recovery.