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California Lawmakers Introduce Series of Bills in Effort to Reduce Soda Consumption

California legislators are ramping up a new battle with the sodaindustry by introducing a new group of bills this week. These proposed laws are designed to limit the consumption of soft drinks throughout the state. These could change what is offered in LA restaurants by instituting a ban of large-sized sodas, new health label warnings, and a restriction on low-priced promotions for soft drinks.

Soda is back with size restriction, warning label and tax all on the Legislature's table.

Some alarming statistics about the health of Californians: In 2016, 25 percent of adults were obese. That's almost a 40-percent increase from 2001. One out of every 12 adults reports being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Add in those with undiagnosed cases of diabetes and those who have prediabetes, and you're looking at 55 percent of the state's adult population. Those who drink at least one soda daily are 27-percent more likely than others to be obese. 

Five California Bills Aim To Add Soda Tax, Limit Size Of Sugary Drinks (VIDEO)

A slate of California bills were introduced Wednesday in an effort to add a soda tax and limit the size of sugary beverages.

The five bills introduced to the California legislature include a proposed tax and warning label, as well as provisions limiting the size, marketing practices and placement of sugary drinks across the state, including Santa Clarita.

Lawmakers take third swing at expanding access to hearing aids

(Calif.) New bipartisan legislation introduced Tuesday would require health insurance plans to cover hearing aids for children.

Assemblyman Richard Bloom, D-Santa Monica and lead author of AB 598, said that thousands of families–including those with health insurance–must pay the full cost of hearing aids out-of-pocket, which on average range between $1,500 and $4,000 per ear, and must be replaced every three to five years.

California lawmakers seek tax, other limits on sugary drinks


State lawmakers are trying again to discourage the consumption of sugary beverages, proposing a tax, warning labels, and a ban on soda displays near checkout lines among other measures on Wednesday.

The five bills address what the Democratic lawmakers call a public health crisis leading to an increase in obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other ills.

Lawmakers Take Aim at Sugary Drinks with 5 New Bills

SACRAMENTO -- Several state lawmakers are proposing a series of bills to restrict sugary drinks in California.

"We are here quite simply because we are in a public health crisis," said Assem. Rob Bonta, D-Oakland.

Bonta and a number of other assembly members and senators plan introduced five bills Wednesday that would not only tax soda and other sugary drinks, but also limit serving sizes, coupons and deals, as well as displays. One would also require sugary drinks to carry warning labels similar to cigarettes.