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Cannabis Cafes: How they could be easier for cities to regulate

SACRAMENTO, Calif — When it comes to cannabis, marijuana, the devil's lettuce or whatever you want to call it, people can only really consume it safely in their home without being a public nuisance in California.

With the passing of Proposition 64, cities and local jurisdictions were given the ability to allow for cannabis cafes or lounges, where people can go, purchase cannabis and consume it. However, the state does not have any regulations regarding cannabis cafes for which cities can refer.

Is Bay Area Ready for Congestion Pricing?

After years of failed efforts, New York City finally got the legal clearances to move ahead with congestion pricing. So where does that leave San Francisco?

“Its time is near,” said TransForm’s Edie Irons. Just as in New York, San Francisco’s traffic has grown increasingly intolerable in the past few years, she explained, and “in New York people actually came together around this solution.”

With Tropical Forest Standard, California can think globally and act locally

Californians may not spend much time thinking about Brazil’s new leader Jair Bolsonaro, since there is plenty to worry about with our own president. But Bolsonaro has declared war on the forest and forest peoples of Brazil, and the Golden State is ideally positioned to counter his disastrous agenda.

Our first step should be to endorse the Tropical Forest Standard proposed by the Air Resources Board. Indigenous people on the front lines deserve no less.

Santa Monica, Westside Political Leaders Disagree on “Go Zone” Congestion Pricing Proposal

The big headline from this morning’s news roundup was a new study released by the Southern California Association of Governments that found a congestion pricing charge of $4 at peak hours could reduce car traffic congestion by 20 percent during rush hours. The charge would be coupled with improvements to transit serving the area. In addition to reduced car congestion, the study forecasts big benefits for walking, bicycling, transit ridership, carpooling – and therefore big improvements in air quality, public health, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Locals push bill to end captive dog blood banks

YUCCA VALLEY — A new bill allowing pet blood banks to use a donor blood system got support from the Yucca Valley Town Council Tuesday, March 19.

Greyhound lover Kerry Drozd brought 5-year-old greyhound Beau with her while she talked to the council about supporting AB366, called the California Pet Blood Bank Modernization Act. Beau belongs to Kerry and her husband, Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Drozd.

California lawmakers try again to tamp down rising rents

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California lawmakers are trying again to tamp down rising housing costs by expanding rent control and stopping rental price gouging, warning a failure to act this year could result in another costly ballot measure in 2020.