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California Bill Targets Rat Poisons that Kill Rats’ Predators, Too

SACRAMENTO — California may soon ban certain pest control methods that wildlife advocates say are also killing mountain lions, foxes, raptors and other predators that feed on poisoned rodents.

AB1788 by Assemblyman Richard Bloom, D-Santa Monica, would prohibit the use of newer, faster-acting rat poisons, expanding on a 5-year-old state regulation that pulled the products from shelves for retail purchase.

2020 Candidates Must Address Affordable Housing

Last week, 20 potential Democratic nominees for President took the debate stage in Miami over two days to discuss everything from taxes to health care to foreign policy. Largely absent was one of America’s most pressing issues: affordable housing.

Assemblymember Bloom Tells the California Legislature the Time is Now to Let Kids Hear

SACRAMENTO – Today, legislation to expand insurance coverage for children’s hearing aids passed the Senate Health Committee. The measure, introduced by Assemblymember Richard Bloom (D – Santa Monica), would require health insurance plans to provide coverage for hearing aids and hearing aid services for children under 18 years of age.

Assemblymember Richard Bloom Honors Santa Monica Nonprofit KCRW as Nonprofit Leader in California

SACRAMENTO – Today, Assemblymember Richard Bloom (D-Santa Monica) honored Santa Monica-based nonprofit KCRW as the 50th Assembly District’s 2019 Nonprofit of the Year. Jennifer Ferro, the president of KCRW, and Karyn Williams, the KCRW Foundation Board's treasurer, received a resolution in honor of the station's contributions at a celebration in Sacramento.  

It’s Time to End Toxic Taps in the Valley. Here’s how.

Turning on the tap and getting clean drinking water is something that most of us take for granted. In larger cities with well-funded utility districts, tap water arrives on demand, around the clock and with a promise of safety. Most city and suburban water is treated to the highest quality standards before delivery to our homes and families.

Life is far more complicated for those who live in rural agricultural communities across California. Those residents—their numbers exceed 1 million—often can’t drink the water from their faucets. 

Bill Banning Rat Poison Passes Assembly

Assembly Bill 1788, which would enact a statewide ban on certain anticoagulant rodenticides—the type of rat poison known to climb “up the food chain” and harm larger predators—passed out of assembly and is heading to the California State Senate.

The final vote was 50-16 in favor of the bill, according to Poison Free Malibu founder Kian Schulman, and was presented by Richard Bloom, District 50 Assemblymember, representing Malibu. 

Assembly bill steps up war against rat poison

A new bill that expands the prohibition of pesticide poisons in California passed the Assembly on Monday, days after the National Park Service announced a local mountain lion died in March due to ingestion of rat poison.

Assembly Bill 1788, introduced by Assemblymember Richard Bloom (D-Santa Monica) bans the use of second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides, which are used in rat poison.

The second-generation poisons are considered far more potent than the first-generation compounds, and a lethal dose can be ingested in a single feeding.


A national expert on domestic terrorism groups, Anti-Defamation League investigative researcher Joanna Mendelson has been tracking extremist groups for nearly two decades. As of late, she’s been especially busy at work.

“Things have never been so bad,” Mendelson declared last Thursday during the inaugural meeting of the California Assembly Select Committee on the State of Hate on the campus of Santa Monica College.