Asm. BloomLegislative Committee hearings are an important step in the legislative process. Committees review policy matters and proposed legislation in greater detail than the full legislative bodies meeting as a whole. Committee hearings allow legislators to consult with policy experts and community members when considering complex legislative issues. Committee members are appointed by the Assembly Speaker based on their expertise and experience with the subject matter. A great deal of a legislator’s work is done in committee. I am pleased to serve on several Assembly committees that directly affect issues particularly important to the Westside of Los Angeles.


Standing Committees

Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, & Internet Media, Member
Primary jurisdictions are programs and policies affecting the recording, motion picture and other entertainment industries, tourism and arts programs and museums, professional and amateur sports including the State Athletic Commission and the regulation of athlete agents, and Internet media.

Budget, Member
Primary jurisdiction is the entire budget of the State of California.

Higher Education, Member
Primary jurisdictions are university, state university, and community college systems, postsecondary education, and student financial aid.

Judiciary, Member
Primary jurisdictions are family law, product liability, tort liability, Civil Code, and Evidence Code (excluding criminal procedure).

Local Government, Member
Primary jurisdictions are General Plan, land use, housing element, local agency formation commissions, special district governance and finance, military base reuse, redevelopment, charter cities and counties, and local government finance.

Joint Committees

Joint Committee on the Arts, Member

Joint Legislative Budget, Member

Select Committees

Select Committee on the State of Hate, Chair

Select Committee on the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Member

Select Committee on Aerospace, Member

Select Committee on Coastal Protection and Access to Natural Resources, Member

Select Committee on Jobs and Innovation in the San Fernando Valley, Member

Select Committee on Los Angeles County Homelessness, Member

Select Committee on Social Housing, Member