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Press Releases

North Park Elementary Shooting Statement

San Bernardino – Today, as the tragic events at North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino continue to unfold, our hearts and prayers go out to the children, their families and others affected by this senseless violence. We are grateful to law enforcement and school leaders for their quick response to the tragedy.

Senior Protection Bill Passes With Bi-partisan Support

Sacramento – Yesterday, the Assembly Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care passed  AB 550 (Reyes) with unanimous bi-partisan support by a vote of 7-0. The bill will ensure the sustainability of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program.

Veteran Care and Housing Oversight Takes Center Stage as Bill Passes Assembly Committee on Veterans Affairs

Sacramento – Today, the Assembly Committee on Veterans Affairs passed AB 1365 (Reyes) with unanimous bi-partisan support by a vote of 10-0. The bill would require CalVet, which oversees the states eight veterans homes to make public its financial reports and to implement a review on the homes every five years to determine if these assets are adequately serving the California’s 1.7 million veterans efficiently.

Legislation to Bring Renewable Energy to Low Income Communities Passes First Committee

Sacramento – Yesterday, the Assembly Committee on Utilities and Energy passed AB 523 on a vote of 9-3. The bill requires the California Energy Commission to allocate at least 25% of the money used for the deployment of renewable technologies to be used in disadvantaged communities and another 10% to be used in low-income communities.

Consumer Protection Legislation to Provide Financing Disclosure to Home Owners Clears First Committee

Sacramento – This morning, the Assembly Judiciary Committee passed AB 1139 with unanimous bi-partisan support by a vote of 11-0. The bill would require that when a property has a Private Transfer Fee (PTF) attached to it, the consumer would be notified regarding potential financing limitations.

“AB 1139 will better inform and protect consumers” said Assemblymember Eloise Gómez  Reyes. “Potential first time homeowners deserve to have full disclosure regarding any factors that may impact the financing of their property.”

AB 667: Suspension Intervention, Passes out of Assembly Com. on Education

Sacramento – Wednesday afternoon, the Assembly Committee on Education convened and passed AB 667 by Assemblymember Eloise Gómez Reyes with unanimous bi-partisan support. The bill, which notifies a student of other means taken before suspension, aims to provide the student with a transparent accounting of the proceeding in order to help curb the school attendance crisis in our state. This bill also ensures that “other means of correction” are being pursued in advance of suspension from school.

AB 578: Threats to Report Immigration Status passes out of Assembly Com. on Public Safety

Sacramento – Earlier this morning, the Assembly Committee on Public Safety convened and passed on a vote of 7-0, AB 578: Threats to Report Immigration Status by Assemblymember Eloise Gómez Reyes, a bill that would increase the penalty for the crime of threatening a witness or family of a witness with real or suspected immigration status.

AB248, Hazardous Waste: Facilities: Permits, Passes Out of Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee

Sacramento – Earlier today, AB 248 a bill that will ensure that hazardous waste facilities are properly permitted by the state of California, passed out of the Assembly Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee by a vote of 5-2.  AB 248, which seeks to require hazardous waste facilities to submit completed renewals of their permits two years before their expirations is part of a larger package of bills aimed at reforming the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC).

Woman of the Year Nominee Jessie Gómez Honored by State Legislature in Woman of the Year Ceremony

Sacramento – Today, Assemblymember Eloise Gómez Reyes honored this years’ district recipient for the Woman of the Year Award, Jessie Gómez of Colton, CA. Presented by the Legislative Women’s caucus, the Woman of the Year award recognizes women from all over the state for accomplishments in their respective fields and for their dedication for improving the lives of others in conjunction with Women’s History Month.