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2019 Legislative & Budget Accomplishments

For immediate release:

Bills Signed into Law:

  • AB 9, Extends the filing period with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) for complaints of workplace harassment.
  • AB 61 (Joint Author), Expands the category of persons that may file a petition requesting a court to issue an ex parte temporary gun violence restraining order (GVRO), a one year GVRO, or a renewal of a GVRO, to include an employer, a coworker who has substantial and regular interactions with the subject of the petition for at least one year and has obtained the approval of the employer, and an employee or teacher of a secondary school, or postsecondary school the subject has attended in the last six months and has the approval of the school administration staff.
  • AB 179, Requires car manufacturers to reimburse franchised new car dealers for warranty repairs based on a specified formula instead of using the existing practice of determining a reasonable rate and recasts other existing provisions on the relationship between manufacturers and dealerships.
  • AB 381 requires outreach programming that is part of every incoming postsecondary education institution student’s orientation to include informing students about specific topics relating to intimate partner and dating violence.
  • AB 749 (Joint Author), Prohibits settlement agreements that contain a provision that restricts an employee from working for the employer against which the employee has filed a claim, as specified.
  • AB 865, Requires information related to commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) be provided to resource family applicants during the preapproval caregiver training process, requires counties to ensure that resource families that care for children who are 10 years of age or older attend, within 12 months of approval as a resource family, training on best practices for providing care to children who have been trafficked, and prohibits a resource family from being required to complete the training again, except in certain circumstances, as specified.
  • AB 917, Reduces the timelines for a certifying entity to process a victim certification for an immigrant victim of a crime for the purposes of obtaining U-Visas and T-Visas
  • AB 1123 requires certain notice be provided to the Attorney General before certain proceedings involving the Safe Drinking and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 are filed in the Supreme Court, court of appeal, or the appellate division of the superior court.
  • AB 1510, Creates a one-year window in which certain victims of sexual assault may revive claims for damages that are otherwise time-barred by a statute of limitations.
  • AB 1645 (Joint Author), This bill requires the California Community Colleges (CCC) and the California State University (CSU), and requests the University of California (UC), to designate a Dreamer Resource Liaison who is knowledgeable in financial aid and other support services to assist students who qualify for the exemption from paying nonresident tuition established by AB 540 (Firebaugh, Chapter 814, Statutes of 2001). It also encourages the establishment of Dream Resource Centers on each campus, as specified.
  • AB 1666, Requires the California Complete Count – Census 2020 Office to partner with local contracted educational agencies to make specified information about the 2020 federal decennial census available to students and their parents or guardians at schools, as specified.


Budget Wins:

  • $1.3 million for the ongoing preservation of Blue Mountain Trail and Wilderness-City of Grand Terrace. This will ensure public access to our region’s natural wildlife habitat and Blue Mountain Trail.
  • $520,000 for accessible playground equipment and park upgrades for families and communities in the cities of Grand Terrace & Colton.
  • $2 million in funding to increase civic engagement for low-income youth and families. $2.5 million to begin rebuilding job training facility at San Bernardino Valley College.  This is the first of a multi-year allocation that will total $35 million in state matching funds for the campus to build a new facility.
  • $900,000 to maintain and upgrade the Colton Area Museum.
  • $14,340,000 to establish seven sickle cell disease centers across California, including a location in San Bernardino.


Assemblymember Reyes advocated for the following statewide budget proposals that will benefit communities in the 47th district:

  • Pathway established for universal access to preschool for all four-year olds and full day kindergarten.
  • A $1 billion expansion of the Cal-EITC Working Families Tax Credit.
  • An investment of $143.3 to provide new child care slots across the state, specifically for children from low-income families.
  • $182 million for clean trucks, buses and off-road freight equipment including the Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project and advance freight demonstration and pilot commercial deployment projects to reduce harmful emissions from the logistics sector.