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Celebrating Rosa Parks, the First Lady of the Civil Rights Movement

(San Bernardino) – A life-sized bronze statue of Rosa Parks, which was made possible by funding secured in the 2017 state budget by Assemblymember Eloise Gómez Reyes (D–San Bernardino), was unveiled in downtown San Bernardino  to honor the trailblazer of the American Civil Rights Movement. In attendance at the event was Angela Sadler-Williamson, Ph.D., Rosa Parks’ cousin and the director of My Life with Rosie. “When people think of Rosa Parks, they think of the day she gave up her seat in the bus, and they think of the bus boycott, but they never know what happened after,” said Sadler-Williamson. “I want America to know she is a three-dimensional character. There’s more to Rosa Parks than what we’ve ever learned.”